I've talked with a lot of people living with hep C, and one common excuse for delaying the treatment is “it’s not affecting me!” So I want to create awareness of the silent, long term killer. It's like a parasite that is slowly gnawing away at your liver. Couple that with even moderate drinking plus advancing age and the time bomb is ticking"

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  • anyone with hep C is eligible regardless of their level of liver disease

  • all welcome, regardless of drug use, alcohol use, social or mental health needs

  • You can be treated more than once if you get it again, or start again if you didn't complete treatment


A variety of direct-acting antiviral drugs have been developed that can cure hepatitis C at a much higher rate than the old horrible treatments (yes, the ones with injections and so many side effects you really weren’t keen to try).  We haven't included specific medication names, as new ones are becoming available all the time. Forget about the old treatments and just know that hep C can now be cured very simply:

  • experienced general practitioners and nurse practitioners can now prescribe

  • community pharmacies can dispense

  • fully subsidised for all

  • 8 - 12 weeks of treatment

  • usual prescription fees apply ($6.40 per month for someone with a Healthcare card, $39.50 without a Healthcare Card)

"One pill once a day, and it didn't make me feel sick"
"Was so much easier than the old treatments, I didn’t have a day off work this time around  "
"Life saving simple treatment to clear that killer lurking in your liver"
"Now so quick and painless, interferon was so CRUEL"

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